Community Passover Seder to be Held on April 1st

Members of the greater Bristol community are invited to a Seder hosted by St. Andrew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church as part of their Lenten meal program. The modified Seder meal will be led by Jewish members of the Bristol Interfaith Coalition. There is no charge but RSVP’s are strongly requested.

“Seder” means order and the Passover Seder is a meal which is organized with a specific structure. It contains many rituals and foods which have special meanings. The meal is accompanied by the reading of the “Haggadah”, the story of the exodus of the Jewish people which was led by Moses.

The April 1st event will include a light meal including some of the many foods included in a traditional seder and a shortened version of the Haggadah, with time allotted for questions. There will be some music and lots of audience participation.

The Bristol Interfaith Coalition is in its third year of organizing events to enhance interfaith understanding and friendships. They have helped in planning Interfaith Thanksgiving Services, hosted two Taste of Ramadan events and recently held a United Nations Interfaith Harmony week event at the Bristol Public Library.  St. Andrew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church has offered a Lenten meal program previously and is happy to be hosting this event, a week prior to the beginning of Passover and ten days before Easter.

For more information, visit  or email

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